Friday, October 29, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Cards

With it being the month of October it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At the beginning of October Theresa The Scrapbooking Queen put out a challenge! This challenge is about giving back to the community...and to bring a little sunshine to someone who is fighting breast cancer.

We were asked to:

1. Create a card (s) that will bring joy to someone who is fighting Breast Cancer.
2. Make it PINK... Please use pink as your main color, other colors are o.k. too.

3. Post this challenge on Facebook to spread the word!

4. Email your photo of your card to

5. After emailing your photo please send your card (s) to The Queen and she will deliver them to a women's center where they will be distributed to women fighting this terrible disease.

The Scrapbooking Queen
14211 Jennings Vista Drive
Lakeside, CA 92040

6.You have until October 15th to get your cards to me!

She had some fabulous prizes to give away!

Well I set out to make atleast 50 cards by October 15th. Then Scrapbook Queen was then kind enough to extend the challenge to October 25th! I needed a new goal! Well I set my goal at 75! In the end I had made 80 cards!

I am so proud of myself. I am new to card making so I learned a ton of new things! But the best thing of all is I got to know Theresa The Scrapbooking Queen through this challenge. I put a smile on some ladies faces and I also made a new friend! Can't beat that!

This is a picture of all my cards! There are only 68 here total but in the end it ended up being 80 cards!

Also stop by Theresa Harris a.k.a The Scrapbook Queen facebook page and see all the cards us ladies have made!!!


  1. All I can say is WOW!!! You have been one very busy girl and a very thoughtful one, at that!! TFS! :-)

  2. Wow!! What a goal to accomplish. I applaud you. I only managed to make 9 for Theresa's drive. I wanted to make more but I ran out of time. I'm a slow worker and I was stumped for a while as to what to write inside the card. Thanks for making 80 women happy.
    Jess M

  3. wow what an awesome thing. I would really like to get in on this.. do they accept cards all year long?


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